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Portable 12L Toilet small

Portable 12L Toilet small

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Compact 12L Portable Toilet

- Ideal for RV's, yachts, outdoor activities, and homes

-Convenient and User-Friendly - Requires no installation Mobile Portability

- Equipped with a trolley and wheels for effortless waste bin transportation to designated cleaning areas (applies to the larger model) Effective Odor Isolation

-The high gloss PBT top cover blade and sealant ring effectively seal off the waste water tank, preventing any unpleasant Odors Self-contained Clean Water Storage

- Allows for easy flushing Antibacterial Toilet Seat

- Crafted from a special material with antibacterial properties Robust and Durable

- Supports a maximum load of 200kg Easy to Clean - Utilizes a degradation liquid to decompose waste, requiring cleaning only once every 5 days


Overall dimensions: 442x362x343mm (LxWxH)

Net weight: 4.3kg

Water tank capacity: 14L

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